Terms and Conditions

At OnlineCourseProfs, our relationship with you is our most valuable asset. The privacy, security, and integrity of any personal information pertaining to our users are all priorities for OnlineCourseProfs. Please read our terms and conditions before placing an order with us.

Revision Policy of OnlineCourseProfs

At OnlineCourseProfs, we provide you with free, limitless revisions. If you require any additional content modifications, we won't charge you anything. To prevent confusion later in the process, we ask that our customers give us precise instructions and rules pertaining to their order.

Refund Policy of OnlineCourseProfs

  1. 1- If OnlineCourseProfs fails to deliver your purchase as promised or the work is not completed on time, we process a refund at the request of the customer.
  2. Requests for refunds are only granted for a brief period of time after the order is delivered.
  3. 50% of the total is always retained as service fees and is never returned under any situations.
  4. 70 days prior to the order being cancelled, students must notify us. The service will then handle the refund request in the proper manner.
  5. OnlineCourseProfs provides customers with service around-the-clock and quickly resolves their questions. Since clients are always urged to visit our website every time they place an order, changes to the service could be made without prior notice.
  6. OnlineCourseProfs doesn't engage in any dishonest practices, such as plagiarism. We ask that students not claim our work as their own.
  7. Customers are encouraged to get in touch with our support staff whenever they have more questions.